2018 France Trip

Important Dates:

Tue. May 9th @ 5:00pm       2018 Parent Informational Night
  • Did you miss our informational night for the 2018 8th Grade France trip? Here's your second chance to get information and register for the trip! We will be discussing expectations, cost, safety, and much more!         Meeting Location: Room 121
Mon. May 15th @ 5:00pm     2018 Fundraising Initial Meeting

  • Has your kiddo signed up for the 2018 France trip? Are you interested in pursuing fundraising opportunities to offset the cost of this trip? Please attend this meeting to help us get our 2018 Fundraising off to a good start! Meeting Location: Room 121

Fundraising Corner: 

Please attend our Initial fundraising Meeting on Monday, May 15th! Since this is not a school-sponsored trip, we have some freedoms and additional fundraising opportunities that we will be able to pursue this year. However, with great freedom, comes great responsibility...

We will need to discuss the fundraising options we would like to pursue as a group, what students can do independently over summer and through the school year, and what we can do through ICSF during the 2017-2018 school year. 

If you are interested in participating in , or helping organize any fundraising events, please plan on attending this meeting! For any further fundraising questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Grubbs! 
Trip Information:
To experience France, you start in Paris! 
 For centuries, this bustling city has been the center of French politics, art, history, and philosophy. The Eiffel Tower and Louvre leave lasting memories. In Normandy and Brittany, another side of culture reveals itself, from the D-Day beaches to the tranquil lifestyle in the fishing village of St. Malo.

Register your student now for this once in a lifetime trip to France scheduled for Spring Break 2018. Students will tour the enchanting streets of Paris, gain access to the wonders within the Louvre, visit the beautiful Palace of Versailles and historic Mont St. Michel, and so much more! This educational tour includes airfare/ transportation, meals, lodging, a full-time tour director, expert local guides and entrance fees to attractions.

Payment plans are accepted and can be arranged through our group website. For more details, click here

To Do List:

  • Register for the 2018 Trip Online
  • Attend the 2018 Fundraising Initial Meeting on May 15th 
  • Review/Order/Renew Passports
  • Start learning French! See Below...

DuoLingo is a free iPhone/Android App that helps you learn to speak a variety of foreign languages, including French, by challenging you to read, write, and speak using an engaging, game-based format. Find it here!