6th Grade Outdoor Education Experience

Monday, August 28th-Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

What is the 6th Grade Outdoor Education Trip?

In previous years we have attending our Outdoor Education field trip at the YMCA camp near Estes Park.  We are going to try something different and take our 2017 trip to Cal-Wood.  Cal-Wood has great reviews, great programs, and great resources.  We have also been looking at ways to reduce the overall cost.  We are so excited to have this experience!

Cal-Wood is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality education to area school groups since 1982. Cal-Wood is located 15 miles northwest of Boulder near the small town of Jamestown (about a 35-minute drive from Boulder and one hour from Denver). Their 1,200-acre outdoor learning center, nestled in the foothills, is a spectacular facility with abundant wildlife, trails, and educational opportunities. Cal-Wood instructors provide the day and evening teaching while adult chaperones from our school supervise the downtime and the overnights in the cabins. Cal-Wood provides a chance for our class to learn important academic concepts in science, math, history, language & visual arts, and more in a spectacular outdoor setting. 

Each cabin at Cal-Wood has a propane heater, electricity, and sleeps ten. Boys and girls will be in separate cabins. The bathrooms and hot showers are located next door in the Lodge. The Lodge also holds the kitchen and dining hall (meals are nutritious and delicious!), a large indoor classroom (for inclement weather) and a medical room. Telephone use is for emergency purposes only: Cal-Wood main office The days are spent learning in the outdoors, and groups typically come inside only in very bad weather. The weather at Cal-Wood (elevation 7,800 feet) can vary from warm, intense sun to cold, windy and wet. Please follow the Personal Equipment List as closely as you can to provide for the safest, most comfortable experience for your child. Cal-Wood has plenty of gear to offer students during their program, so please do not buy anything for your child’s Cal-Wood program. 

Students bring their own sack lunch for the first day. Other than that meal, please do not provide snacks for your children because snacks in the cabins mean visitors – such as mice! 

Students cannot bring any electronic equipment: games, ipods, cell phones, hairdryers etc. We really want the students to have an “unplugged” experience while at Cal-Wood. Please feel free to contact Cal-Wood if you have any questions or concerns about this great program. (303) 449-0603

Want to see what Outdoor Ed at Calwood is like?  
Please view the video at

Cal-Wood Environmental Education Programs in Colorado - Calwood.org

Cost: $185 per student
$90 per Chaperone

What We Need From You:

  • Signed Imagine Permission Slip (found here
  • Total Payment of $185 - probably made in payments & can be part/whole fundraising - All monies due Sept. 6th (this is separate from Student Fees) 
  • Completed/signed Medical Form and Waiver required by Cal-Wood, found here
  • Complete/signed medical form and waiver for all chaperones attending, found here
Chaperone Meeting & Fundraising Information:
Thursday, August 10th from 7:15-8:15pm

Cal-Wood Website - Lots of great information, including sample schedules, directions, programs, policies, and much more!
Cal-Wood Packing List