6th "How To" PowerPoints

Technology Class (November 2014): 6th Grade students experienced PowerPoint by teaching the teacher. Their job was to teach Mr. Hollingshead how to do something, either in Minecraft, with paper (origami), or something within a sport or activity. The students added images - either photos or screen captures - and used microphones to narrate their PowerPoints, then recorded the presentations so they would run on their own. In these final versions they have been saved as video files.

Korina C - Build a Proper Home With a Mine

Marcos LA - Build a Portal

Savannah G - Make a Waterfall

TJ S - How to Make an Interception

Breanna S - Taking Care of Animals

Tabitha C - Make a Fish Tank

Jessica C - Minecart Elevator

Simone U - Make a Hallway

Ryan J - Trolling Your Friends

Nash - How Touch Wall With Potato Chips

Ava J - Building a Starter House ‎

Aurora R - Building a Starter House

Jalen, Marina & Lorelei - Gymnastics

Preston and Alexus - How to Defeat Cyberman.wmv

Allie & Nicole - How to be a Boss Ninja

Reese L - Build a Tree House in Minecraft.wmv

Landon R - Dumb Ways to Die in Minecraft

Bryan N - Mega Jump

Karsen B - Build a Paper Tank

Emily T - Oragami

Kira S - Tame and Ride a Horse

Amanda S - Tame a Panda and Rabbit

Savanna G - Tame and Feed Wolves

Mackenzie U - How to have the PERFECT Barn

Marley - Make a Paper Boat

Dawson and Matt - Basketball and Football

Emma H - Dribble a Basketball

Ashliee T - Shoot a Basketball

Matthew B - Hang a Chicken

Kelton T - Starcraft

Jason L - How to Tackle

Nathan C - How to Tackle

Michael B - Five Nights at Freddy’s

David K - Troll Your Friends in Minecraft

Gideon W - How to Make Slender