Technology Class (October 2014) - 7th & 8th Graders have been making Youtube style lyric music videos using only PowerPoint. Students copy and pasted lyrics into slides, then added images and music. Finally they recorded the PowerPoints to run on their own and saved them as video files. Note:Some of the endings seem cut off - that's because even with new computers this year the video cards aren't the absolute best so they were affected by that. 

Recent Additions

Abbie J (7th) - Break Free

Abby H (8th) - Alone Together
Andrew O (7th) - Centuries
Janelle A (8th) - Back in Black
Jessika S (8th) -
 Wake Me Up(Updated)
Jimena C (7th) - How to Save a Life
Makayla M (8th) - Intervention

Sidney R (8th) -
Don't Stop Believin'
Taylor F (8th) -
Me & My Broken Heart
Will W (7th) -
Adam W (7th) - Ready Aim Fire

Emilee R (7th) - We Are Broken

Kaden H (7th) - Thunderstruck

Mariah C (7th) - Maps P (7th) - Daylight
Adrian P (7th) - Everything Is Awesome
Adrian P (7th) - Everything Is Awesome

Emilio C (7th) - The Man

Kaelin H (8th) - Ain't It Fun

Mason K (8th) - Thriller
Shjon R (8th) - Best Day of My Life

Aiden C (7th) - The Best Day Ever

Hannah B (8th) - Let Her Go
Katie P (8th) - Shake It Off

Matt L (8th) - All the Small Things
Sophia M (8th) - How You Remind Me

Alex O (7th) - The Walker

Ian H (7th) - The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth
KayLynn V (7th) - The Phoenix

Mia P (7th) - Welcome to the Black Parade
Stephanie L (8th) - Glitter In the Air 

Angel S (8th) - Why Do Songs Inspire You
Jennipher S (8th)
- Count On Me

Kira K (8th) - Welcome to the Black Parade

Mikayla C (8th) - Story of My Life

Stephanie P (8th) - For the First Time in Forever

Angelina H (7th) - I Cry
Jessika S (8th) - Wake Me Up
Kyle V (8th) - Ready Aim Fire

Nathan P (7th) - Radioactive
Taylor P (8th) - U Can't Touch This

April H (8th) - How to Save a Life

Jillian M (7th) - Dark Horse
Kylie S (7th) - Amarillo Sky

Nevaeh D (7th) - Monster
T.J. S (8th) - Recess

Aspen B (7th) - Heart Attack

Jolie M (7th) - Roar
Lexie R - Everybody Talks

Olivia H (8th) - Centuries
T.R. K (7th) - Welcome to the Farm

Caden K (7th) - Roar

Jonah S (7th) - Wing$
Lydia P (8th) - A Sky Full of Stars
Orion P (7th) - Hey Brother
Trent L (8th) - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Chris H (7th) - Hall of Fame

Josh B (8th) - Awake and Alive

Mackenzie B (8th) - Pompeii

Peyton T (7th) - Fearless
Trinity M (7th) - Bravado

Dakata C (7th) - Amazing

Josiah C (8th) - Collide

Madelyn C (8th) - Marry Me
Riley V (7th) - Recess
Weston L (7th) - Pompeii

David H (7th) - Three Little Birds
Juan R (7th) - La Derotta
Madison R (8th) - Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Riley W (8th) - Back in Black
Zoe A (7th) - Don't Stop
Echo PG (7th) - A Thousand Years
Julia K (8th) - Rejects

Maisey J (7th) - Vertigo
Sara L (7th) - Just One Yesterday