Digital Media Club (Don't worry - the name is only temporary)

This year we are boldly going where no K-8 Charter School in Firestone has ever gone before. We're creating a Digital Media Club. (Hence the name at the top.)

Here's the idea...
I'm in charge of the yearbook, so I need a yearbook club to help. I'm also in charge of the website now, so I wanted to create a club that could write and take pictures for that. Soooo, why not combine the two ideas?

The DMC will be a year-long club of 10-12 people that will work on writing articles and taking pictures for events throughout the year that will go on our school website (like an online newspaper) and these same people will also be in charge of yearbook, since you've already been taking all those pictures and all. We might also include different sections like movie reviews and recipes on the website - who knows what we'll come up with! 

Great! Here are the expectations...
1. You have to be a current middle school student.
2. You have to be able to commit for the whole year. That means meeting during lunch once a week and being able to attend events on occasion (probably 2 - 4 over the year.)
3. You have to be able to get things done independently to manage your time to write stories in addition to your other school work.
4. You have to be able to leave your ego at the door - work with others as a team and accept help and instruction on your work.

How to apply
1. I am interested in your ability to write, talk to people that may or may not know, and take pictures. So to apply, here's your challenge...
    a. Choose an event that you were a part of over the last six months, such as a trip, a get together, a day of fun or a performance. It can be school related, or something with your family, friends or other group.
    b. Interview someone who was a part of the event. 
    c. Write a story about the event. It should be at least three paragraphs and include at least one quote from the person you interviewed. You might want to read some newspaper articles to get an idea how that style of writing is different from how you usually write in school.
    d. You will also need two pictures. One picture should be from the event, or at least the place if you didn't take pictures then, and the other should be of the person you interviewed. I'd like both to have come from you, but at least the one of the person needs to be yours.
2. I'd also like you take two more pictures of anything you like - people, nature, animals - I just want you to be creative in the way you take them. 
2. To submit your writing and pictures, simply email them to me at
3. This must be completed by August 22.
4. Members for the team will be chosen based on their writing ability (including grammar and punctuation) and creative photography. 

Any questions?
Ask or email me. I can't wait to build this team. I'm really excited to see who it will include!