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My name is Sherry Anderson. My educational career started in 2005 as a preschool teacher, but my first teaching job started in 2008. Prior to joining the world of education, I worked for many years in corporate America as a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart.

I have taught at 4 charter schools and have served as a fourth-grade teacher at each school. While I was working on my Masters degree, I worked at Carbon Valley Academy as an instructional assistant to the Special Ed teacher and completed my student teaching while there. I joined the staff at Imagine in Colorado Springs in 2012.  I just moved back to the area, and am excited to be “home”.

I have an ornery, but a cute Snowshoe Siamese kitty that I enjoy spending time with. In my free time I enjoy gardening both indoors and outdoors as well as enjoy baking and sewing. When I have time, I make my own clothes. I also love anything Disney and can be considered a child at heart as I collect Disney items. My true passion however lies in educating students and watching the growth they make each year.

I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology with a Family Studies emphasis from the University of Northern Colorado and a Masters of Art in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix.

Throughout this school year, please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or suggestions. Enjoy the school year!

Units of Study

English Language Arts
Imagine Charter School at Firestone, adopted the Core Knowledge Language Arts program.  Students will be reading fiction and non-fiction texts that support our core knowledge social studies and science concepts. 

Reading: Below you can find the reading log used for homework in case your student misplaces his/her log.  Reading logs are due each Friday.

CKLA Readers:

SpellingThis year we are going to try something a little different with spelling.  We are hoping to make it more meaningful to the students while teaching the spelling standards. Each week we will talk about a spelling skill. Students will be asked to select 20 of the words we came up with to study for spelling.  They will bring home the 20 words they selected to study in their homework folder.   The students will have a test over the words they selected on Friday.  

Social Studies
Students will have the opportunity to learn about ancient China and Africa, the American Revolution, early Presidents and much more!  Below are the study guides for each unit assessment.  I encourage students to review these during the unit to prepare to be successful on their assessments.  

Atoms, matter, rocks and minerals, and more, oh my!  Students will explore the human body, chemistry, electricity, and geology in fourth grade.  We work hard to provide hands-on opportunities for kids and engaging demonstrations throughout the units of study.  You will find the study guides for the units below.  Students should read through the study guides throughout the unit to help them to be successful on assessments.

Imagine Charter School at Firestone uses Math in Focus as our math curriculum.  Students will be enhancing their math knowledge in fourth grade.  Knowing their multiplication and division facts is incredibly important in fourth grade.  Here are some videos to help your kids practice their multiplication skills:

News and Notes

Google Classroom
Writing homework can be found on my Google Classroom page. Just click here or on the picture below. I encourage you to check this site daily.  You can access it through your computer or the Google Classroom app for tablets, smartphones, etc.  

Classroom code: 85s0wsv

If you would like to volunteer in class or at home, sign up for what you are interested in doing on my SignUp Genius page: Link coming soon.

I will refer to it when looking for support and will contact you directly for projects.  Thank you in advance for your help!

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For more information on additional Scrips Cards, click HERE.

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