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The 2016/17 school year marks my eighth at Imagine, which has
become like a second home.  When I'm not here teaching or working
in my classroom, I like to travel both 
in and out of country, especially
to spend time with family in France, and 
to visit art museums and
galleries.  I also enjoy listening to jazz, landscape 
and gardening at home in Louisville with Satchel cat.


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Thank you, you wonderful art volunteers!  
Your help with the 
St. Vrain Valley School District art show and the Carbon Valley Regional Library art show was invaluable!  Thank you for all your help in getting our students' extraordinary art work out there for the world to see.
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If you'd like to volunteer to help with the art program, please contact Ms. Zinck atjulie.zinck@imagineschools.org.



Art Guild, an elective class this year, is for any Imagine middle school student who is interested in promotion of the visual arts, both within
our school as well as in the surrounding community.  
Art Guild’s focus is student driven and can change year-to-year. The Guild is involved in a variety of projects throughout the year, including planning and hosting a middle school dance and making projects
for donation to the school's annual silent auction fundraiser.  Art Guild students will finish the year with a self chosen project or event. 
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Quarter 4
Art|Technology|PhysEd Rotation Schedule
1st rotation:  March 13 - April 11 . . . Spring break:  March 25 - April 2
2nd rotation:  April 13 - May 3
3rd rotation:  May 4 - May 24

Eighth grade
20th Century Sculpture
project ~ wire sculpture 
8A test on Friday, April 7
8B test on Thursday, April 27
8C test on Thursday, May 18
20th Century Sculpture STUDY GUIDE ~ 8th

Seventh grade
Chagall & His Influences ~ Fauvism & Cubism / oil pastel techniques
project ~ Chagall-style narrative self portrait
project ~ Chagall class collaboration
7A test on Friday, April 7
7B test on Thursday, April 27
7C test on Thursday, May 18

Sixth grade
Romanticism | Realism
project ~ Thematic papier-mache initial
6A test on Friday, April 7
6B test on Thursday, April 27
6C test on Tuesday, May 16
Romanticism | Realism STUDY GUIDE ~ 6th

Fifth grade
19th Century American Art
project ~ atmospheric perspective painting
project ~ quilt design
5A (White) quiz date: Friday, April 7
5B (Farquhar) quiz date: 
Thursday, April 27
5C (Evers) quiz date: 
Thursday, May 18
19th Century American Art QUIZ STUDY GUIDE ~ 5th


A P R I L . . .

Fourth grade artists study the art of Africa and create beautiful Adinkra cloths and then colorful Ndbele beadwork.  Third grade art students conclude their study of Native American art with Navajo-inspired weavings.  Second graders finish their Klee-inspired abstract self portraits and then move on to a study of architecture.  First grade 
artists are learning about texture and create a ladybug garden.
Kindergartners continue with their study of symmetry in creating
their Big Green Monsters.  

Fourth grade
Art history Art of Africa
project ~ Adinkra cloth print 
project ~ Ndbele beadwork

Third grade
Art history ~ Native American Art: The Southwest
project Navajo-inspired weaving

Second grade
Art concepts ~ realism vs. abstract art
project Klee-inspired self portrait
Art concept ~ architecture
project ~ architectural drawing

First grade
Art elements & principles ~ texture, form
project ~ Grouchy Ladybug

Art concept ~ symmetry
project ~ Big Green Monster

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