Full-Day Kindergarten
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Hi Everyone!

I am really looking forward to teaching your kindergartner this year!  We have a lot of amazing things to learn and I am excited for the opportunity to partner with you to endure that your child has a fantastic year!

For those of you who do not already know me, this will be my 11th year teaching kindergarten (6th year with Imagine).  When I am not teaching I love to read, travel, wakeboard, watch SAINTS and LSU football, and learn about healthy things!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything you need!

Units of Study
August 31-September 4: Johnny Appleseed (Applesauce party Friday August 29)
September 8-11: Cinderella stories from around the world
September 14-October 2:Around the world: learning about maps, globes, and continents!
October 5-9- Famous Artists
October 12-16- Columbus
October 19-30- Our bodies
Nov. 2-6- Native Americans
Nov. 9-13- Pilgrims
November 16-20- First Thanksgiving
Nov. 23-27- NO SCHOOL!
Nov. 30-Dec. 4- oceans
Dec. 7-11- Jane Goodall
Dec. 14-18- Holiday Activities
Dec. 21-January 1- NO SCHOOL
Jan. 4-8- 4th of July/Flag
Jan. 11-15- MLK
Jan. 18-22- George Washington
Jan. 25-29- Kings and Queens
Feb. 1-5- Abraham Lincoln
Feb. 8-12- Thomas Jefferson, V-day
Feb. 16-20- Review Presidents
Feb. 22-26- Mount Rushmore
Feb. 29- March 4- magnets, Dr. Seuss
March 7-11- Wright Brothers
March 14-18- Statue of Liberty
March 21-25- seasons, weather
March 28-April 1- seeds and plants
April 4-8- NO SCHOOL!
April 13-17- seeds and plants
April 18-22- George Washington Carver
April 25-29- recycling, scientific method
May 2-6- Butterflies
May 9-13- Animals
May 16-20- wrap up activities
May 23-25- End of the year activities

Upcoming Events:
See our class blog: www.ayearofgreatness.blogspot.com for a peak at the great things we do in kindergarten!

Ms. Baker's Kindergarten Calendar

MATH- http://www.math-aids.com/- create addition or subtraction worksheets or play the online games