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7th / 8th Grade Math

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Aubrey Beth Beiland 

Supply Wish List:   Check out my Classroom Wish List. These items are specifically to be kept in my classroom for community use (or to share with other teachers). Everyone now and again doesn't have a pencil or runs out of paper, so I like to keep a stock for these instances.  I would greatly appreciate ANY of these items. Thanks for taking a look.

2016-2017 Student Supply List:

  • Pencils!!! With a reliable eraser. Pens are NOT acceptable.
  • LOTS of lined paper and Graph Paper
  • 1-inch (or larger) 3-Ring Binder with dividers
  • Composition Notebook (remains in math classroom)
  • Scientific Calculator (using phones as calculators will not be acceptable)
  • Expo Markers are great.
  • Ruler (7th grade: compass and protractor)
  • Scissors / Glue Sticks
Great for the classroom, community use:
  • pencils
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • disinfecting wipes
  • lined paper
  • index cards

State Testing:

7th and 8th Grade Finals
May 15 - Monday: 
May 16 - Tuesday: 
May 17 - Wednesday:
May 18 - Thursday: 
May 19 - Friday: Make-ups

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News and Notes 
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