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Welcome to my Teacher Page! 

This year I will begin my sixth year at Imagine teaching Sixth-Grade English and History! I genuinely love working with this age group and believe this is a milestone year in a student’s academic career!
Because of my love for kids, reading, writing, and history, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Secondary English Language Arts, and my Master of Arts in Writing! I greatly enjoy teaching these subjects at Imagine, and I also consider it a blessing to be able to instruct our students in the Core Virtues! I am truly passionate about trying to make a positive difference in the lives of each of my students!

When I am not teaching, my favorite things to do are spend time with my four kids, exercise, write, vacation at the beach anytime possible, and dive into a great book!

Units of Study
English, History, Core Virtues in Action, Habitutudes, and Core Virtues~

Welcome to Sixth-Grade English and History! 

Third quarter is off to a super start!

English ~

I am very excited to begin instruction in language arts. We will start with a writing unit utilizing our computerized program, Write to Learn. Write to Learn has proven to be an excellent resource that engages even the most reluctant writer. Write to Learn greatly enhances our classroom instruction for writing, allowing the students to receive instant feedback based on the Six Traits of Writing, in addition to my grading. Research has shown that this is a very effective way to grow our students as writers.  

Our unit for the epic novels, The Iliad (The Trojan War) and The Odyssey (The Adventures of Ulysses) has begun! In addition to enjoying and learning about these wonderful classics and the genre of Greek Mythology, students will discover how these books connect with their study of Ancient Greece! 

Finally, the students will continue with weekly instruction with grammar, language, and usage!     

Vocab/Spelling words for Lesson Four Vocab/Spelling Quiz - Friday, March 3rd.

Lesson Eight:

Please memorize the following vocabulary words, both the spelling, and definitions, for the vocabulary quiz.


*Students will be responsible for spelling and definitions.


We are well into our study of Ancient Greece and will soon be studying Ancient Rome! Students are learning about these two great civilizations, their contributions to our modern society, and the great leaders, such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Socrates, and Hannibal that paved the way for so much of how our own civilizations were shaped today!

This unit, like all of the units, will include a major assignment/project, formative assignments throughout our study, and finally, a final unit exam that will include the key vocabulary for each unit.

The textbook can be accessed online through the following link: (Coming soon!)

Core Virtues in Action~

Elective course - Students work together to create and implement community service projects that are based on the core virtues. Currently, the students are brainstorming to determine the projects we will tackle this year. 

Core Virtue of the Month - Honesty and Justice

Each month the students have a virtue in focus. The students generally participate in a daily virtue lesson that includes a written reflection and discussion that is most often tied in with the current unit of study. The virtues we will be studying this year are as follows:

Core Virtues 

August/September: Respect and Responsibility

October: Perseverance

November: Stewardship

December: Service

January: Courage

February: Honesty and Justice

March: Mercy

April: Gentleness and Humility

May: Wonder and Wisdom

Logic Academy - Habitutes - Tightrope Walker

I am greatly looking forward to working with your awesome children and look forward to partnering with each of you for a wonderful and productive school year of growth and learning!


Terri L. Brodie

Sixth Grade History and English

Core Virtues in Action Elective
Imagine Charter at Firestone

(303) 772-3711

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, preferably via email, at terri.brodie@imagineschools.com

News and Notes
Homework will be posted on this page daily for both history and English. Please check the calendar to stay informed of this important information, as well as other upcoming dates. 

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