7th/8th Grade Science
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 I am very excited to continue exploring Science with you.  We have a lot to cover in this class, so you will be busy every day.   I will be teaching a blended curriculum of Colorado Standards and Core Knowledge with a classical approach.   If you need anything, the best way to reach me is by email.  I will take non-emergency phone calls and voicemails after school.  


All of the core classes and partner classes will use the same basis for behavior management for the remainder of this year.  Students will fill out a reflection form when they are spoken to about behavior.  We are not specifying the specific consequences, but instead, using the Love and Logic philosophy to guide students towards natural and/or logical consequences that reflect their choices.  After-school detention time will not be a consequence as a stand-alone, but will be a time for students to serve a consequence if it is deemed necessary.  We will also track the behavior of students jointly (MS and Partner) through the use of a Google form to allow us to best help students who might need additional interventions.

Units of Study for Science

                7th Grade                                                                     8th Grade

Atomic Structure                                        Chemistry Review

Chemical Bonds and Reactions          Energy for Life

                    Cell Division                                                   Motion and Forces

Genetics                                                           Density and Buoyancy

Paleontology                                                Work, Energy and Power

Geologic Time Scale                                  Electricity and Magnetism

Evolution                                                             Sound Waves
                                                           Electromagnetic Spectrum

2016/ 2017 Class Syllabus is located HERE  

Elective - Robotics

In this class we will explore the design process and utilize the scientific method to create or improve a new process or product.  Students will create a prototype of their idea and present their project at the end of the semester.

2/15/17 - Creation of prototype for new cubelet

News and Notes for 7th and 8th Grade-  

8th Grade "The Martian" timeline:
Class reading 4/18 --> 4/28
Deliverable #1  - DUE 4/24
Deliverable #2  - DUE 4/27
Deliverable #3  - DUE 5/4

MARS Colony production begins 5/1 and concludes on 5/12
Deliverable #4 - DUE 5/12

Colony Presentations - 5/15
Permission Slip for viewing of "The Martian" HERE

7th Grade weather project DUE MAY 12th!

Warm-ups can be found HERE


8th - ELECTRICITY 1, 2, 3
        - CIRCUITS
      - Magnetism
        - Intro to Waves
        - Electromagnetic Spectrum
        - WAVES/SOUND
       - Constellations
       - Earth and Atmosphere
       - Earth's Moon
       - Nutrition

        - Extinction
       - Natural Selection
       - Darwin
       -John Scope's Trial
       - Weather
    FALL 2016
8th - Motion and Forces 


7th -  Chemistry


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