5th Grade Humanities
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Here you will find information updated weekly that references current curriculum learnings, homework assignments, and general reminders for Humanities. Please tune in weekly to make sure you are up to date, but I will also send out weekly e-mails that highlight some of the most important things to note. I strongly believe that ALL students can learn and to high levels, and I'm excited to watch students grow this year as they soar to heights they might once have thought were impossible, both inside and outside of school. I will specifically be focusing on internal motivation this year, as students acquire and own their own learning through hard work and consistent and persistent effort. I will also push them to advocate for themselves in all areas as they become leaders and continuously model strong character. Here's to an exceptional year!

Current Curriculum

Social Studies: We will start off the year learning about world and country geography, intentionally memorizing the states, their capitals, and to which geographic region they belong. Students will be able to differentiate between a country and a continent, as well as identify the major lakes and oceans of the world. Using latitude and longitude, students will be able to locate a specific location for any given place. This first unit refers to State Standard 2.1 - Use various geographic tools and sources to answer questions about the geography of the United States. 

Reading: Students will begin the year reviewing important comprehension strategies but then dive deeper into text using Notice & Note strategies that push kids to dive deeper into text by question why authors might have included certain details such as advice from an elder or a repetitive event. We will read a few chapters from Sherlock Holmes, review parts of speech, and improve our grammar and vocabulary. This first unit refers to State Standard 2.1 - Literary texts are understood and interpreted using a range of strategies.

Writing: In writing students will brainstorm small moments they've had, to share in detail, a specific moment in time. These personal narratives will be a great place to review the writing process while building expectations for writing and instilling creative ways to share a moment. This unit refers to State Standard 3.1 -a, Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

Ms. Evers' Calendar

Current Homework: 

Students are expected to write for ten minutes a night in their Home Writing Journal (M-Th). Journals are turned in Friday morning and returned, graded, Monday morning. 

Students should also be reading for twenty minutes a night a book of their choice. In the nightly journal in the top right hand corner of the page they should be writing the title of the book they're reading, the amount of time they read in minutes, and the pages read in that time. 

Every Wednesday students will receive either Wordly Wise homework (Vocabulary and Spelling)  or a Geosearch (Geography utilizing their Atlas). These are given on a Wednesday, and due the following Wednesday. When Wordly Wise is assigned, the spelling test will be that Friday. 

Students are able to make-up tests within five school days after having filled out a retake form. Students also have five school days to make-up missing assignments. After that, assignments will not be taken for a grade. 

GeoSearch 8 (Given 1/4, Due 1/11)
Wordly Wise Lesson 8 (Given 1/11, Due 1/18 - Spelling Test 1/20)
GeoSearch 9 (Given 1/18, Due 1/25)
Wordly Wise Lesson 9 (Given 1/25, Due 2/1)

Wordly Wise Words: 
1. absurd
2. accomplish
3. ascend
4. dense
5. experiment
6. flimsy
7. heroic
8. lumber
9. mimic
10. significant
11. soar
12. spectator
13. suspend
14. terminate
15. unwieldy
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