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I'm Mrs. Farquhar! I really enjoy teaching Humanities! I have a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with an emphasis in U.S. History, and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Reading. My passion is helping students become lifelong learners, and, of course, HISTORY and READING! When I'm not teaching, I enjoy reading, crocheting, traveling and spending time with my family.

Hello, Imagine Parents! 

Did you all get a chance to view the Eclipse yesterday? It was spectacular! What an amazing opportunity we had...just think, when the next Solar Eclipse is viewable in totality in the US, your student will be 17 or 18 years old! (The next solar eclipse is April, 2024!)

This week, in Reading, we will begin reading that classic detective series, Sherlock Holmes! Students will complete all reading and reading responses for this book in class. 

In Writing, we will work on "seed moment" stories, small moments or events in our lives which had a meaningful impact. We will also continue writing in Write to Learn...

In Social Studies, we are beginning our unit on continents, countries and states, and how to identify the differences. Next, we will move on to our States Magazine project, which will be completed in class. 

This week's Spelling words are listed below. Note that there are only 15 words. This is because we are using a new spelling and vocabulary curriculum called Wordly Wise 3000. In this program, students learn to spell a variety of words while also doing work to enrich and build their vocabulary! Beginning next week, students will receive a packet of worksheets to be completed by Friday each week. Students will continue to take a pre-test of spelling words on Mondays, with spelling tests every Friday. 

That's all, so far, for this week! Homework for each day will be listed below....

Mrs. Farquhar 

Units of Study
Language Arts, Social Studies and Habitutudes~

Welcome to Fifth Grade Humanities! 

Write to Learn 

Student username: first letter of first name + entire last name (all lower case, one word)
ex. Joe Smith = jsmith

Student password: birth date as a six-digit number ex. February 14, 1988 = 021488

Spelling List:

Students were given the following spelling words on Monday to study for the Spelling Test on Friday: 

Spelling 8/21:
  1. accustom
  2. alert
  3. assign
  4. budge
  5. burly
  6. companion
  7. compatible
  8. concept
  9. distract
  10. jostle
  11. obedient
  12. obstacle
  13. patient
  14. pedestrian
  15. retire

Spelling 8/15

1.  laugh

2.  doesn’t

3.  different

4.  your

5.  you’re

 6. said

 7. because

 8. threw

 9. through

10. interest

11. are

12. our

13. hear

14. here

15. they’re

16. their

17. there

18.  canis (KAH nis)

19.  feles (FAY lis)

20.  leon (LAY on)

News and Notes


We enjoy celebrating birthdays in class and will do so usually at the end of first Core (plan for 12:15 PM), just before lunch. Treats are welcome, but optional. Students celebrating will be appreciated by each student in the class, and then we will hand out treats on the way out the door for the day. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend! Please let Mrs. Farquhar know a day or two in advance  if you plan to attend and/or bring treats. Please also note, we do have some students with severe nut allergies and specific dietary restrictions, so by letting me know in advance, we can keep all of our students safe and included in our celebrations. 

Scholastic Book Orders


If you would like to order Scholastic books, you may order online, (website: scholastic.com/bookclubs) using our  Class Activation Code LLT8C. Let me know if you have any questions!

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