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New Lunch Program for 2016-2017!

This year, Imagine Firestone welcomes our new dining provider, Revolution Foods!

Just Real(ly) Great Food

For the past ten years, Revolution Foods has been providing high quality meals and snacks to schools around the country. Their food is made by hand in regional culinary centers and delivered fresh each day.  This change will give the school flexibility with menus that we have not had before, and we are excited about the new program!  


Clean Label Initiative 

Great food sets students up for success, helping to ensure they are focused, present and ready to learn every day. Our new, clean label school lunch/breakfast menu means you can feel safe knowing all the ingredients in your student’s food have been carefully vetted and approved. Over 40 banned risky ingredients - including no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners; no high fructose corn syrup, and no partially or fully hydrogenated oils.


Our Menu 

Revolution Foods’ menu features a variety hot and cold kid-friendly options every day, like a sustainably-raised all-beef hot dog or a freshly prepared pizza-inspired salad.  A seasonal, fresh fruit of the day (like apples, pears, oranges, and cut melon) will be available at every meal. Kid-favorite condiments like ranch, ketchup, and BBQ sauce are served with many of our entrées, and hot sauce is always available.  Keep an eye out for new meals, introduced regularly throughout the year!

Revolution Foods does not use any peanuts or tree nuts in any of their meals. However, they do not bake their own sandwich breads, and the bakery that produces the breads uses peanuts/tree nuts in other recipes they produce.  Therefore there is a very small chance of cross-contamination in severe allergies.  

Special Dietary Needs:

FAQ from Colorado Department of Education on Dietary Accommodation requirements.  Please note, ALL dietary modification requests need to be signed by a medical professional per USDA/CDE guidelines.

Dietary Disability Accommodation Form 

Dietary Meal Modification Form

Lunch Prices (please make checks payable to ICSF):

PLEASE NOTE: If your child pays for lunch in the lunch line, we cannot make change. Please send exact change, Any overage will be deposited to their account.
  • Student lunch:  $3.25   The lunches will meet the nutritional guidelines for each age segment.
  • Adult Lunch:  $3.80  Adult lunches cannot be charged to student accounts as they are not "reimbursable meals" per Federal guidelines.
  • Free / Reduced Lunches**
    • Free:  If your family qualifies for 'Free' lunches, there is no cost for the meal program.
    • Reduced:  If your family qualifies for 'Reduced' lunches, K-5 meals are no cost, 6-8 meals are $0.40 each.
    • Adults:  Adult lunches do not qualify for Free or Reduced benefits and are charged at the full adult price of $3.80

**National School Lunch Program - Free and Reduced Lunch Information**

If you believe you may/are eligible for Free or Reduced lunch, you must fill out a new application and return it to the school or to Charter Choice before the beginning of the school year. Families with students in other schools will have to complete multiple applications because the apps are specific to the School Food Authority.  It is very important to submit a completed application as soon as possible, we cannot 'write off' meals already served prior to determination of eligibility. Online forms have a faster processing time than hard copy forms.

Here’s a link to a printable application: English / Spanish  
Or you may apply online: Online FRL Application

MealTime Online - This portal will allow parents to make payments, check lunch purchases, set up balance reminders, etc.  Letters with instructions on accessing the portal have been sent home with the students, and the site also contains instructions.  You will need your student's ID number.  Their MealTime student ID number will be their regular Infinite Campus ID, with '133' at the front.  For example, if their ID is 123456, their MealTime ID will be 133123456.  

You may may lunch payments through MealTime Online, or you may continue to pay in the school office or via Cheddar Up (link below).

Lunch Payments - Payment only, non MealTime.  Please use this link for October lunch payments.  The link will update each month, so please check back often. This link is for payments only, it does not allow you to access the MealTime information for student balances.  If you want to check a lunch balance, please use the MealTime Online link above.