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The solar eclipse is Monday, August 21st and it ranges in time from approximately 10:20am to 1:15pm.  If you have NOT signed a permission slip for your child to view the Eclipse with us, through approved UV glasses that we have purchased, they will not be able to go outside and see any part of it.  Please make sure you have signed the permission slip and returned to teacher by 8:30am on Monday the 21st. We have been using the district's permission slip, but as a Charter School, we were not provided with glasses, we did purchase some.

We are THRILLED to announce a new partnership with Boulder Valley School District to provide our school lunch for the 2017-2018 year!  Boulder Valley has a nationally recognized lunch program, with several recent awards.  We are teaming with a group of people passionate about providing great school lunch, with many programs and initiatives working toward that mission. Please check back often for information as we transition to our new website.  
If you are or may be eligible for Free or Reduced lunches, please complete the online application ASAP.  These applications must be completed EVERY year, they do not carry over.  Our form must be completed, we cannot accept eligibility forms from other school districts.

Imagine Charter School named 2017 Colorado School of Character, a national advocate and leader for the character education, named Imagine Charter School at Firestone a 2017 Colorado School of Character. The program recognizes schools that have demonstrated its use of character development to drive a positive impact on academics, student behavior, and climate.

What is the Core Knowledge Sequence?

Public or Private School?  Tuition?       
Imagine is a FREE K-8 public charter school, located in the St. Vrain Valley RE1J School District.  Preschool and Full-Day kindergarten are additional.

We do not use iPads at school. We do use technology as a tool when it is the best method for the instruction or assessment, but this is not every day and certainly not all day. For example, we use chrome books to give students access to writing programs or research for science fair. We also have a computer class that gives students opportunities to learn computer programming and other skills.

Academic Growth
 Imagine Charter School at Firestone was one of only three schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District with high growth in BOTH Math and Language Arts!

Stand Up Desks Initiative Excitement Continues!
We only need 8 more to complete the elementary grades!  Four more will get all first and second grades covered!

To donate towards the Stand Up Desk Initiative, call the school at 303-772-3711 or stop by the front office. You can learn more under our Fundraising tab: Stand Up Desks Initiative.

A few testimonials...

"Learning Latin at Imagine helped me while taking the ACT test and in all my science classes, the words they use are Latin root words." 
Maddy G.,  Former Imagine Student now attending Frederick High School

Teacher effectiveness:  Strongly agree            
"Amazing teachers, truly care for students.  The atmosphere at this school feels like a big family.  Having parents highly involved helps teachers teach effectively knowing each kid's needs."

Develops character:  Strongly agree    
Posted November 18, 2016  - a parent  
"This is the only school I have seen Core Virtues included in the curriculum.  Each month, a new virtue is spotlighted and weaved into learning.  Not only are they preparing kids academically, but preparing them for "real life".  It is done is such a way the kids want to be the best!"

Teacher effectiveness:  Strongly agree     
Posted April 19, 2016  - a parent  
"These teachers work hard to reach every kid in any way they can.  There is an entire intervention team to help the teachers with ideas for kids that don't seem to be responding to teaching.  Some are better than others, the 5th grade team are wizards, and are able to get more out of my son than any other teacher ever has.  I think they are all great."

“In line with Imagine’s mission, to positively shape the hearts and minds of our students…a safe environment...and community in which to build trusting relationships with others, the teachers as well as other Imagine staff members, made all the difference in the world to our daughter!  She loves school and has thrived over the years at Imagine!” 
Jack and Debbi A.

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Fundraising while you Shop...

Purchase a reloadable King Soopers gift card for $5.00 from the front office. You will receive a card with $5.00 on it. Take it to the customer service desk or reload it at the register when doing your shopping & Imagine will receive 5% cash back. Each time you shop, reload your card. You can use cash, checks or a credit card to reload up to $500.00 at a time. There is a five minute delay once you reload before the funds are available. The gift card must be reloaded in a separate transaction prior to your groceries being scanned. It’s that simple!

For more information on additional Gift Cards for sale, click HERE.