LaVonne Jannamon
Full Day Kindergarten
(303) 772-3711 x108
Room 108


Units of Study...Week of September 13

Core Knowledge: Cinderella, maps and globes

Math: counting, recognizing, and writing numbers 1-6

Literacy: listening to rhymes and answering questions, rhyming, read to self

Core Virtue: respect & responsibility...everyone has different needs and we can respect that!

Weekly Website: help your child listen for and practice making rhyming words here...
Homework:  Reading 10-20 minutes each night....record each book read on the jellybean jar!

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Friday, Sept. 18...Field trip form and $ due
Monday, Sept. 21...No school today
Thursday, Oct. 8...Field trip to Miller Farm

Special Person of the Day...This student will be in charge of all of our classroom jobs for the day, such as calendar and weather helper, line leader, and greeter!  The special person of the day will also have a chance to have "Show & Tell."  For the month of September, students can bring an item from home that it their favorite color.  It might be a toy, or blanket, or even a picture they made that is their favorite color. Please help your child be prepared to talk about what it is, when they got it, and even why it is his or her favorite! 


Partner Classes (4 day rotation)
M 9/14...library/tech
T 9/15...PE
W 9/16...Latin/music
Th 9/
F 9/18...library/tech

News and Notes

Reading with your Kindergartner:
  • Read slowly with a lot of expression...try using different fun voices (you will have fun too!)
  • Follow the words with your finger as you read so your child can see that words are read from left to right.
  • Let your child turn the pages.
  • Ask your child to predict and describe events, characters, and pictures in the story.
  • Encourage questions and take time to answer them!
  • If the book is repetitive or uses a lot of the same words or phrases, point them out to your child and encourage him or her to help you read them as they appear.
  • Read a variety of books, but keep reading those favorites too.  Your child will be able to retell them to you!  
  • If your child is already reading, take turns reading sentences, paragraphs, or pages.
  • Point out new words and take a moment to talk about what they mean.
  • Be encouraging!  Everyone learns to read when they are ready!  

  • "Fashion" boots and light up shoes are not allowed.
  • Uniform bottoms should have "hidden" pockets (no cargo pockets) and should not be stretchy such as yoga or sweat pants
  • Girls can wear tights or leggings under dresses/skirts that are black, tan, navy blue, or white only.
  • Socks should be solid color only, i.e. no polka dots or stripes.
  • Collared shirts can be any solid color, but dresses/jumpers must be black, tan, or navy blue.

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