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Ex Mensa... (From the Desk Of...)

Latin Office Hours is in full swing! Office Hours are a great time for students to get additional clarification or help on specific topics, retake tests, or learn valuable study skills for foreign languages! Office Hours occur every Monday, from 3:45 - 4:45 directly after school in Room 121. If this date/time does not work for you or your student, please contact me to come up with another arrangement. 

Logic Academy Announcements:

There are only about 6 weeks left in this school year! Please make sure to take care of any retakes or missing assignments before Wednesday, May 17th. You all have two major summative assignments this quarter:

- Vocabulary Tests (April 17th - April 21st)
- Warm Up Quizzes (May 4th and 5th) **6th through 8th Grade only

Interested in practicing K-5 Level Vocabulary with some fun, interactive computer games! Check out Headventure Land Games! Jungle Jump is super fun - help Simeon translate the correct words!

Unitates Studia... (Units of Study...)
(All homework is listed on the calendar. If there is a physical paper to accompany it, just click on a date, and view/download any attachments.)

8th Grade:  Pied Piper
- We are looking at our toughest level of written Latin yet...while translating the story of the Pied Piper! 

7th Grade: Aeneas and Polyphemus
- We are discussing the characters and events from Virgil's Aeneid!
6th Grade: Market Day & Present Tense Verbs
- We are discussing the Roman tradition of "Market Day", while encountering stories with all 6 Present Tense Verb Endings!

5th Grade: Flaccus Praises Quintus
- We are applying our translating skills to one final story! 

4th Grade: The Roman Bath House
- We are discussing the ways Romans kept fit and healthy, while encountering more imperative verbs and new nouns!

3rd Grade: Work, Work, Work
- We are recognizing present tense verb endings in our story, and meeting a new "ancilla" in our family!

2nd Grade: Travel
- Vocabulary

1st Grade: Water Words
- Vocabulary

Kindergarten: Colors and Numbers
- Vocabulary

Ms. Grubb's Calendar

Discipulus Celebratonibus! (Student Celebrations!)

We have a new "All Star's" Board!! Check out all of the great examples of student work throughout our school!

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