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Physical Education
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6th- 8th grade PE Dress Code
  • New this year students are not required to buy uniforms. 
    • Active wear is expected to be worn during PE everyday. I will follow the guidelines of the school dress code. Hand me down PE clothes are permitted. Imagine Spirit wear is permitted. The idea though is to change into workout clothes and not wear the same clothes they go to class in.

    • Imagine PE clothes are available for purchase on the Imagine website, but are not required.

    • Tops

      • Solid color tops(any color). Must have sleeves. No tanks or cut-offs shirts. No characters on shirt.

      • Can be dry fit material.

    • Bottoms

      • Solid colored shorts/athletic pants- May have a stripe/piping on side- Must be arm length, no spandex, cut-offs, or characters.

    • Footwear

      • Socks and Athletic style shoe (running shoe, basketball shoe, volleyball shoe, Converse).

      • No boots of any kind may be worn in P.E. class.

      • Shoes must be traditionally laced and tied at all times for safety and support.

      • Non-marking soles are recommended to keep the floor clean.

    • Students are encouraged to take clothes home on Fridays to be washed.

    Students are encouraged to keep deodorant in their gym bag or locker.

Units of Study
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    • FITT Log

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    Field Day
    • K-5
      • Date- May 24th 2016

    100 Mile Running Club

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