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Welcome to Ms. Penna's 1/2 day kinder! This will be my sixth year at Imagine Firestone and my eighth year teaching kindergarten. I have my BA from the University of Colorado and have begun my MA at the University of Northern Colorado. My passion in the classroom is forming a close community of individuals who think independently while maintaining respect for others and a constant curiosity to learn more. In my free time I love to hike, do yoga, read, and chase around my spunky four year old son and our new baby who was born in July!

January 12th:

This week has been fast and busy! In Core Knowledge we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and equality. We learned that it is not what we look like that counts, it is who we are on the inside that matters. We discussed the beauty in sharing and being friends no matter what our hair, eye, skin, shirt, pants, or shoe color is! We watched a short 5 minute clip of MLK's speech 'I Have a Dream' and attached is a picture. We worked on the following vocabulary words: equality, sharing, compassion, demonstration, speech, peaceful, together, nation.


In literacy we continue to review all letter names and sounds as well as building and reading simple three letter words. CVC words are consonant-vowel-consonant words where the vowel is short, such as cat, dog, mom, dad, mop, dig, etc. We have been counting the sounds in words as working on handwriting.


In math we sorted, compared, and investigated flat shapes v. 3D shapes. This includes the following 3D shapes: sphere, cylinder, pyramid, prism, cone, and cube.


Next Week: Jan 17th-20th


Core Knowledge: Jane Goodall


Literacy: Continue review of all letter names and sounds, /ck/, double letters such as the ls in all and the ts in letter, formation of three and four letter words using letter tiles, sentence structure.


Math: matching flat and 3D shapes, counting 1 more.


Homework: words matching page and sight words. In each Friday folder there is a sight word list. There are stars next to the sight words your child is able to identify and 4-5 highlighted words to work on at home this upcoming week. Each week I will sit with each student and continue on through the list of 100 until he/she misses 4-5 words. We will then stop and these are the words to work on throughout the week.


Important Dates:

January 13th- No school- teacher work day

January 16th- No school - MLK Jr. Day

January 26 & 27 - No school for 1/2 day kinder, conferences


Important News:


EVERY FRIDAY is now dollar jeans day!! Students may wear jeans for a dollar donation. Please pair jeans with a uniform top of PUMA spirit wear (any Imagine Firestone shirt).



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