1. The School

    1.1 Vision and Mission Statement, Motto

    1.2 School Legal Status

    1.3 Nondiscrimination

    1.4 Tobacco-Free School and Work Place

    1.5 Safe School Plan

    1.6 Student and Staff Wellness

    1.7 Crisis Management Plan

2. The Board

    2.1 Articles of Incorporation

    2.2 Decision Making

    2.3 Board Self-evaluation

    2.4 Public Attendance at Board Meetings

    I-BBBG. Board Elections

    2.6 Policy Making

    2.7 Board Member Conflicts of Interest

    2.8 Board Review of Administrative Procedures

    2.9 Annual Meetings

    2.10 Board Oath of Office

    2.11 Board Agreement

3. Administration

    3.1 Administrative Structure

    3.2 Job Description – Principal

    3.3 Hiring Staff

    3.4 Elections – Not School Based

    3.5 Non-enrollment Surveys

    3.6 Satisfaction Surveys

4. Personnel

    4.1 Staffing Philosophy and Goals

    4.2 Equal Opportunity Employment

    4.3 Staff Rights and Responsibilities

    4.4 Evaluation Process

    4.5 Teacher Evaluations

    4.6 Due Process

    4.7 School Personnel Conflicts of Interest

    4.8 Personnel Records

    4.9 Personnel concerns, Complaints, Grievances

    4.10 Harassment

    4.11 Staff Qualifications

    4.12 Support Staff

    4.13 Conflict Resolution

    4.14 Administrative, Professional Staff Salary Schedule

    4.15 Administrative, Professional Staff Vacation and Holidays

    4.16 Administrative, Professional Staff Assignment and Transfers

    4.17 Administrative, Professional Staff Reduction in Force

    4.18 Induction Program

    4.19 Professional Staff Orientation

    4.20 Staff Resignations

    4.21 Employee Screenings

    4.22 Employee Protection

5. Students

    5.1 Student Attendance

    5.2 Student Rights and Responsibilities

    5.3 Student Constitution

    5.4 Student Conduct

    5.5 Discipline

    5.6 Prevention of Bullying

    5.7 Student Health

    5.8 Student Privacy

    5.9 Student Safety

    5.10 Student Funds

    5.11 Interrogations and Searches

    5.12 Harassment of or by Students

    5.13 Reporting Child Abuse

    5.14 Communicable Diseases

    5.15 Student Fund-Raising Activities

    5.16 Use of Physical Intervention

    5.17 Gang Activity

6. Support Services

7. Educational Program

    7.1 Instructional Goals and Objectives

    7.2 Equal EducationalOpportunity

    7.3 Snow Days and Emergency Closings

    7.4 Evolution

    7.5 Religious Expression

    7.6 Field Trips

    7.7 Student Publications

    7.8 Character Education

    7.9 Internet Acceptable Use

    7.10 Curriculum Development

    7.11 Homebound Instruction

    7.12 Instructional Resources and Materials Selections

    7.13 Personal Electronic Devices at School

    7.14 Complaints about the Curriculum, Instructional Resources, Use of Audio-Visual Materials, and Speakers

    7.15 School Calendar

    7.16 Gifted and Talented

    7.17 Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

    7.18 Grading/Reporting Systems

8. Enrollment of Students

      8.2 Disciplinary Dis-Enrollment

I-D. Finances and Accounting

I-DB. Annual Budget

I-DBD. Determination of Budget Priorities

I-DBG. Budget Adoption

I-DBH. Use of One-time Revenues

I-DD. Grants Management

I-DD-R. Grants Applications

I-DGA I-DGB. Authorized Signatures Check-Writiting Services

I-DJB. Purchasing Procedures

I-DJB-R. Purchasing Procedures

I-DJC. Petty Cash

I-DKC. Employee Expense Authorization

I-DLB. Retirement Plans

I-DLB-R. Retirement Plans


I-DN-R. School Properties Disposition

I-F. Facilities

I-F. Facilities Planning and Development

I-G. Personnel

I-GDD. Paid Time Off

I-J. Students

I-JICA. Dress Code

I-JFBA. Enrollment and Waiting List

I-JKB. Detention of Students

I-JKBA. Disciplinary Removal from Classroom

I-JKD_I-JKE-E. Grounds for Suspension or Expulsion

I-JKD_I-JKE-2. Suspension or Expulsion of Students with Disabilities

I-JKG. Expulsion Prevention

11. School-Community Relations


    11.1 Relations with St. Vrain Valley Board of Education and Administration

    11.2 Media Relations

    11.3 Privacy Policy

    11.4 Confidential Parent Surveys

    11.5 Open School Policy

Amended and Restated Bylaws (Effective May 20, 2014)

Imagine Charter School at Firestone’s Waivers Approved by the St. Vrain Valley School District Board as part of our 2015 Charter Renewal