3rd Grade
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About Mrs. Spires
This is my first year at Imagine Charter Firestone and my first year teaching 3rd grade. I am so excited to be part of an amazing school. I moved to Colorado from Florida last year and I am enjoying experiencing all the things there are to do and see here. 
My teaching career began at Imagine School Town Center in Florida and I was there for four years. During my time at ISTC I taught 4th grade for one year and 1st grade for three years. 
My main priority as your child's teacher is to create a learning environment that your child feels safe and respected in. To ensure growth throughout the school year I will challenge your child to take ownership in their learning and help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I will partner with you, so that we can work together to ensure a successful year for your child. I am looking forward to an amazing school year! Please feel free to contact me at any time. 

PARCC Success!
What amazing students! They knocked PARCC out of the park! Great job to them for staying focused during the testing.

Third Grade Commonly Used Links and Classroom Resources:  
  • Think Central: Math Web Site 
    • Must have students password to access this site
    • Print forgotten math homework at home so it still gets completed
    • Extra at home practice
    • think central passwords will be written in your children's planner at the start of the school year 
  • Infinite Campus Parent Portal
    • Check your child's grades as often as you would like
    • If you log in through a mobile device you will need your personal
    • log in information as well as the District ID: FXZDYT
    • IC passwords will be written in the students planner at the start of the school year.  
    • Parent Portal Directions
  • Parent/Student Handbook: 
    • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3aixQJeTJYjRmE4YkFPU0tJenM/view?usp=sharing
    • refer to this site for dress code, pre-approved absences, walking forms,etc...

Classroom Events/ Important announcements
     April 27th: Field Trip/Class Store (Mother's Day Themed)
    April 28th: No School
    May 3: Core Virtue Assembly
    May 12: Ice Cream Party for Multiplication Facts
    May 19th: Field Day
    May 24: 1/2 Day, Last Day of School

    Classroom Management and Procedures:

    Homework Expectations: 
    • Students are expected to complete homework at home and return it the next day completed to the best of their ability.
    • Incomplete homework will result in the student needing to stay in from recess to get help or complete it independently.  
    • Students should complete the homework independently without too much parent assistance.  
    • If the  best of their ability means they get some wrong that is ok because that helps me know what to work on farther with the class.
    • It is ok for students to struggle with homework because it tells me what they know and can do independently.  
    • Homework should be neat and easy to read and clean of food or spills when turned in.  
    • Homework must have the students first and last name and the date at the top.
    • If there is an emergency and homework can not be completed on time a note from a parents is needed so I can apply justice.  Too many after school activities or sports are not emergencies that will get the student out of homework. 

    • A's=                                    Above Grade Level Performance
    • B's / C's=                           On Grade Level Performance
    • D's=                                    Need Home and Classroom Support
    • F's=                                     Struggles to Comprehend and Apply 

    Responsibly and Ownership is very important in my classroom so here is my what I expect my students to own about their grades.  My goal is to help the students be successful and reach their individual potential as well as show a genuine interest and caring for their grades and not feel that the only good grade is an "A" but good grades means I tried my hardest and did the best that I can individually do.  

    • Students should take an interest in their grades and come to me to ask their grade in different subject areas often.  They may also check Infinite Campus with you at home regularly to review their grade.  
    • Students who are unhappy with their grade should talk to me about getting extra help or ask about ways they could improve their grade.  
    • If students wants to redo an assignment for a better grade they need to come to me with that assignment within a week of completing it in order to redo it for a better grade.  
    • If it has been over a week I will be happy to let the student redo the assignment for the knowledge but not to improve the grade.  This way they are able to relearn the material even if the one-week time limit has passed.  It also helps students take responsibility for remembering to ask me about redoing the assignment before the week is up so it can count in the grade book.  Students can redo assignments on their own or  I will be glad to help them with it if they need it.  
    • The kind of assignments that can be redone will be decided on a case by case basis.   As always Justice will be applied on a case by case basis.  
    • Papers without names will be placed on the no name board to be claimed for a grade.  If not claimed within a week they will be placed in the no name basket until the end of the quarter.  

    • Missing assignments will get a note sent home in the students planner if they have been missing more than a week.  Missing assignments will receive points taken off the overall grade. 

    • Students receive many different kinds of rewards and consequences in my classroom.  Below is an explanation of some of these processes.  
      • Students will work as a whole class to earn marbles when the ENTIRE class following directions or completing a task well.  When the marble jar is full the class will have a marble jar party, usually a movie.
      • Please check upload our Free Class DOJO APP to keep up with your child's positive and negative actions in the classroom on a daily basis.  With this App you can see what kinds of actions your child has each day and keep up with classroom pictures of events and projects. 
      • Students will receive brag tags for various positive behaviors. Their brag tags will be kept in a journal where they will reflect on what they did to earn their brag tag.

                • As a friendly reminder students should not be bringing any toys from home to school.  Toys are starting to cause arguments and conflicts in the classroom and at recess time.  If they would like to bring in a ball or jump rope to school for recess they must ask Mrs. Spires' for permission first, to make sure the toy is appropriate for school.  As long as they are ok with sharing the toy with others and OK if something accidentally happens to it they can bring it.  If a toy is special to them they need to leave it at home to make sure nothing happens to it at school. 
                • However, no toys other than balls or jump ropes should be in the classroom or in the desk because this causes distraction from learning as well as conflicts and jealousy between students. 


    Ms. Spires' Calendar

    CKLA: Students will be exploring the topic of ecology. We will explore food chains and various habitats.

    Reading Focus Skills:
    Compare and Contrast
    Point of View
    Author's Purpose

    Writing: Students will be working on research writing. As well as fine tuning the various types of writing that we have learned through out the year.

    Social Studies: We will finish our Colonial America unit of study.

    Science: Students will learn about food chains and various animal habitats. 

     Math Units of Study: 

    Students will learn how to add and subtract money using dollars and coins. Students will then be working on which applications to use in real world math problems.

    Please have students continue to practice their multiplication facts at home.
    Spelling / Daily Spelling Homework:
    Monday: Day 1 Learning the spelling pattern for the week. Writing sorting note cards. Homework: Sort words into spelling patterns provided, copy into notebook.
    Tuesday: Day 2 Review and Independent Activity. Homework: Pick 10 words an write a sentence for each.
    Wednesday: Day 3 Word Work. Homework: Pick 10 words to write either in fancy letters, AB pattern (two different colors), or ABC pattern (three different colors).
    Thursday: Day 4 Word Work in groups. Homework: Review words.
    Friday: Day 5 Spelling Test

    Due to the spelling program meeting students specific spelling needs, students all have individual spelling lists. Please check your child's planner for their new words each Monday. Tests will be on Fridays, if there is no school on Friday spelling tests will be on Thursday.

    Reading / Writing / Grammar: 
    • Reading:
      • Short Constructed Response and Citing Sources
      • Character Mapping
      • Main Idea and Details
      • Asking Questions
      • Summarizing
    • Writing: 
      • Research papers and informative writing research reports 
      • Paragraph writing:
          * Topic sentence
          * Supporting details
          * Concluding sentence
        Creating a plan, rough draft, and final draft        
        Use the writing process (plan, rough draft, edit, revise, final draft)
      • Point of View Writing  
      • Friendly Letter  
      • Use the writing process (plan, rough draft, edit, revise, final draft)                       
      •  Three paragraph writing using Narratives with a beginning, middle, and end
      • Three Paragraph research reports and response to a prompt essays 
      • Poetry - Write and interpret poems; poetry night  
      • Summarizing 
      • Comparing and contrasting
    • Grammar: 
      • Capitalization and punctuation
      • Dictionaries
      • Subject / predicate        
      • subject pronouns
      • Types of Sentences
      • review verb tenses       
      • review to be and to have
      • Conjunctions
      • Prefixes and Suffixes
      • Syllable dots
      • Quotes

    Social Studies/ Science

    On some Science and Social Studies assessments students will be allowed to use one side of a small note card or the text book, and write down notes that they may use on their assessment on their note card. Note cards must be created by the student not the parents.  
    • Social Studies:  
      • Spatial Sense
      • Geography
      • Rivers 
    • Science:
      • Animal Classification
      • Human Body

    Core Knowledge / Virtues

    Character Traits:  Mercy

    Mercy is showing kindness to those who have not been kind to us.