5th Grade
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Hello Imagine families!  This is my first year teaching and I am beyond excited.  I have been a stay at home dad for the last 12 years and a retail manager before that.  Teaching has been a career I have wanted to pursue since my college days when I found a love for training and teaching others. 

Now that my 4 kids are off to school I am lucky enough to be chasing my dream job.  When not at school I want to be on a golf course, enjoying all that Colorado has to offer or just hanging out with friends watching a game.   

Math -   MobyMax - www.mobymax.CO2378 com/
           Quiz - Monday March 20th
Science -
                Airplane Lab Report Due Monday 20th

We are learning about science experiments and variables currently.  Focusing on why they are important and how science labs are very detailed.  Paper Airplanes will be filling the halls for a few days as we figure out how to make them fly farther.

We are rolling along through multiplying and dividing fractions currently.  Lots of practice will make them much easier.    

MobyMax - A website most of you have used before but it should help fill in some needs and help your students master math skills.  Follow this link: www.mobymax.com/CO2378  The username is the students first name with a 5 and password is last name.  Example:  John5 Doe

Multiplication facts are still critical to your students success - here are a couple links to games online.


Learning Showcase April 11th 6-7pm
Plan on attending the learning showcase where students will show off what they have learned and also get an idea of what to expect in years to come.  Students will need to be here for the full hour.

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