5th Grade
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Hello Imagine families!  This is my first year teaching and I am beyond excited.  I have been a stay at home dad for the last 12 years and a retail manager before that.  Teaching has been a career I have wanted to pursue since my college days when I found a love for training and teaching others. 

Now that my 4 kids are off to school I am lucky enough to be chasing my dream job.  When not at school I want to be on a golf course, enjoying all that Colorado has to offer or just hanging out with friends watching a game.   

Math - Worksheet - due March 1st
           If Friday in class work isn't completed it is due Monday Feb 27th

Science - If Friday classwork isn't completed it is due Monday Feb 27th
                Study Notes
                Cell project Due Feb 27th 

Mitosis classwork:

We just finished our section on weather and meteorology and are moving into our unit on cells, tissues and systems in animals.  We will learn about both plant and animal cells and how they work together to form tissues and systems.

We are rolling along through adding and subtracting fraction currently.  Lots of practice will make them much easier.    

A website I set up all my students on is https://www.sumdog.com this site has math games the students can play and practice their skills on while I can also monitor what they are doing.  Their username is their first name and password is their last, all lowercase.  Have them log in and play some games!

Multiplication facts are still critical to your students success - here are a couple links to games online.


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