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Welcome to Second Grade!

About Mrs. Wolfe
 I have a bachelor's degree in communication design and professional teaching license from Metropolitan State College of Denver. When not teaching I like to travel, cook, play soccer and watch movies with family and friends.

Units of Study
(All homework is listed on the calendar. Just click on a date.)

Students receive the words at the beginning of the week, and are tested on them on Friday. Students should be practicing the spelling words each night - a handout will go home at the start of each month to provide your child with a variety of fun ways to practice the words. Your child will also have a Spelling Homework Packet (it is just 2 pieces of lined paper stapled together), on which he/she will record the spelling activity completed each night. Some activities (such as writing the words in different colors) will be done directly on the page, while others (such as cheering the words to an adult) will require a parent signature to verify that the activity was completed. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Please have your child read at least 20 minutes each night (a total of at least 100 minutes each week). Each Friday, students will receive a new reading log to record their reading for the week. A parent signature is required to verify the minutes read each week. Reading logs are due every Friday.

CKLA Skills Unit 6:    
  In this unit, students will be working on the tricky spellings 'ea', 'ar', 'or', 'i' and 'a'. The reader for this unit is The War of 1812, which is a topic in the Core Knowledge Sequence under grade 2. Although students have been listening to and already working in non-fiction, this will be their first non-fiction reader for our CKLA skills unit. Students will be using a time line to help them contextualize events from the reader and be using a new text feature - a glossary- to help them with unknown vocabulary. Students will also be assessed on their reading levels, fluency and comprehension skills. Occasionally your student my bring home a take home page to practice skills or reading done that day for homework.

CKLA Domain 7: Westward Expansion
  Students will be listening to and learning about the time of westward expansion during the 1800's. Students will be learning why pioneers were willing and eager to endure hardships to move westward. We will also be learning about important innovations in both transportation and communication during this period. This unit will also help students understand the hardships and tragedies that Native Americans endured because of westward expansion.   

Subtraction Up to 1,000

Students will continue to work on place value, fact fluency and subtraction by subtracting 2 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Core Knowledge: Simple Machines
Students will be learning about simple machines and how they make work easier. They will be learning about all six simple machines: lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw.

Students will continue to work on writing complete sentences and paragraphs.

News and Notes

Important Calendar Days: 2016-17
Sept. 5th- No school. Labor Day
Sept. 19th- No school. Teacher in-service
Oct. 11th-12th- Conferences, Early Release at 1 pm
Oct. 17th- No School. Teacher in-service
Nov. 18th- Early Release. Students out at 1 pm
Nov. 21st-25th- Thanksgiving break
Dec. 16th- Early release. Students out at 1 pm
Dec. 19th-Jan 2nd- Winter Break
Jan. 13th-No School. Teacher in-service
Jan. 16th-MLK Holiday
Jan. 26th-27th Conferences/Early release1 pm
Feb. 17th-No school. Teacher in-service
Feb. 20th- President Day's- No schools
Mar. 13th- No school. Teacher in-service
Mar. 27th-31st- Spring Break
Apr. 28- No school-Teacher in-service\
May 24th- Last day of school. Early release. Students out at 1pm  

Core Virtues 2016-17
August / September: Respect and Responsibility
October: Perseverance
November: Stewardship
December: Service
January: Courage
February: Honesty and Justice
March: Mercy
April: Gentleness and Humility
May: Wonder and Wisdom

Learning Resources
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