Science Fair Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers with a science background to first serve on our School Review Committee (SRC) or Internal Review Board (IRB). Depending on your background, you would be helping the panel review students' proposals to weed out dangerous activities and make suggestions to help students be successful. Professionals with science and engineering related backgrounds and those with college level science and engineering education are strongly desired. The more volunteers, the better our students' projects will be! The more qualified volunteers we have the easier it is for our students! In the past we have had registered nurses, firefighters, chemical engineers, Linux engineers, medical doctors, clinical counselors, etc. 
In the 2018.2019 school year we are making some changes to help our Science and Engineering Fair be a smoother, more successful process. One of these changes is that we are asking that all projects be proposed on September 30th and reviewed on October 1st. If you serve on the  SRC/IRB this means we are asking for your time on October 1st from 5pm-7pm (it may go later) to review, approve, or deny projects. Dinner will be provided during this time. The SRC/IRB will be headed by Sarah Hrick,o our Dean of Students, who can be reached at or 303.772.3711. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Hricko or myself with questions.
The Science and Engineering Fair will be held on December 13th. We are seeking out judges with the same qualifications as above to be part of the judging process from 1pm to 5pm. Again, food will be provided. Judging requires knowledge of the scientific process and strong communication skills. We are not only looking to advance our students scientifically but to give them solid interviewing skills and strong communication experiences. We are hoping we will have enough judges to allow collaboration regarding top projects and rejudging without the students after 3:30pm. 
If you are interested in being part of the SRC/IRB, judging, or both, please let me know through email. 
Thank you so much!

Karie Slade
Imagine Charter School at Firestone
7th/8th Grade Science Teacher