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About Me

FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS: I am offering tutoring for all of my classes every Wednesday and Thursday after school until 4:30! Feel free to stop by if you need any help!
I'm Amanda Schweighauser and I will be teaching Latin here at Imagine! This is actually my first year of teaching. In May, I graduated from Transylvania University (Yes, its real. No, I am not a vampire) with a degree in Classics. I studied Latin as well as Ancient Greek through all four years and I am so excited to be passing on everything I learned!
Why do we care about Latin?
It may be a dead language, but learning Latin still has its merits. Research shows that it helps with everything from spelling and vocabulary to any other subject in school. It trains the mind to approach subjects systematically. Not to mention, more than half of the English language is derived from Latin and that doesn't even begin to cover French, Spanish, or Italian. Even German has words that can be traced back to Latin. Some of the most distinguished professions today utilize Latin (medicine, law, etc.) and even those professions that don't go out of their way to emphasize the language have some modicum of influence from Latin and the Romans. 
That being said, I want to use Latin to do more than teach a language. I want students to be able to look at the world around them and understand where it all comes from. Be it architecture, government, or even entertainment, I want to help students understand where all of that originated, two thousand years ago.