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5th Grade Humanities & Math; 6th Grade Science

Hello, Imagine 5th Graders and Parents! Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year.
     My name is Tim Finch, and I am so excited to be a 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher this year! My Wife, Daughter (who came to us in May 2019), and I are new to Colorado this year, but we absolutely love it and are so thankful that we get to be an active part of our awesome community! Some of my favorite things are Coffee, Running, Crazy Socks, College Football (Go TCU!!!), and Camping/Hiking! Oh, and did I mention Coffee?! This year I will be teaching a little mix of everything: from 5th Grade Humanities, to Math, Science, STEAM, and even a neat elective called Broadcasting! It should be an awesome year! I am so thankful and excited to have the opportunity to watch your kids grow and learn! 5th grade really is one of the best years in education! 
Note: To see how your students are doing throughout the day, email me and ask about joining our class in ClassDojo! A great app that helps you see how your student is doing, what your student is doing, and easily communicate with me throughout the day!!
General Homeroom Info:
This year, my Homeroom is a Humanities Block of time (about 120 minutes) that encompasses English Language Arts and Social Studies. The block structure allows us the flexibility to spend longer/shorter times on each subject depending on the lesson or work time necessary. We usually take a water/bathroom break halfway through, but I highly encourage students to bring a water bottle to school to minimize the need to leave the classroom. 
Generally speaking, this will be the structure: 
    • Reading: 20-30 min minutes
    • Writing: 10 min
    • English Lessons/ Work Time: 20-30 min 
    • Break
    • Social Studies: 45 min 
I also teach the following classes below!
Survival Skills Elective (Period 2)
Morning Humanities (Periods 3/4)
        • Homeroom
5th Grade Math (Period 7)
6th Grade Science (Period 8)
Coming to class: Students should come to class with all necessary items to fully participate, including but not limited to: Pencils, Notebooks, A Reading Book, Any Necessary Homework to Turn In.
Lost Forms, Papers, Packets: Students should look in the designated place in the classroom for any work that may have been passed out during their absences. If the work is lost or missing, there may be extra copies in there as well! It is the students' responsibility to search out/ ask for missing work
Missing WorkMissing work is listed by class on the windows of my classroom and can also be viewed on Infinite Campus. I highly encourage students to keep an eye on the window! I also encourage parents to utilize Infinite Campus (to keep tabs) and to show students what "I.C." looks like. If you need help setting up your Infinite Campus Profile, please contact the Registrar's Office!
Late work Policy:  
For Excused Reason:
        • 2 Days for Each Day Missed
For Inexcusable Reason
        • 1st Quarter: Late work will be accepted
        • 2nd Quarter: Late work accepted for 2 weeks (After that it's a "0" in the Grade Book)
        • 3rd/4th Quarter: Late work accepted up to one week (After that it's a "0" in the Grade Book)
Homework usually consists of:
Reading (20 min)
(Humanities) Independent reading books should be brought back and forth from home to school and back again. The minimum expectation is 20 minutes. Research has shown that increased time leads to many positive outcomes including increased vocabulary and deeper levels of comprehension. 
Writing (10 min)
Unless given a specific prompt, students will generally be given the freedom to write about almost anything! This is time to develop a practice of writing, or to interact with the content covered in Social Studies/Science. If you get stuck, please reach out to me and I will include some ideas for writing prompts! We will begin the year in composition notebooks, and starting in the 2nd quarter, students will have the option of doing their writing in their notebook, or on Google Classroom. 
Spelling/ Vocabulary
Most weeks (unless short), student will have a packet of work to complete that focuses on spelling/ necessary content-specific words and being able to use these words correctly.
Each night, students will have various short assignments designed to allow them to practice the current content. This will either be on paper, or on tools such as MobyMax. 
Note: If students have not used class time wisely, they will be asked to complete work at home
Weekly / Quarterly Expectations
Spelling Tests:
Fridays (or the last day of the week)
Spelling Packets and Writing:
Nightly (Unless Specified)
Due Fridays (or the last day of the week)
Oral Book Reports:
Due each Quarter and are presented to the class about a week before the end of each quarter. 
Each Quarter 
To Log In to Google Classroom:  
  • Click on the 3x3 Grid Icon in the Upper Right of the Page (This brings up a Drop-Down Menu)
  • Click on "Google Classroom" > Choose the Class > Click on the necessary Assignment