Governing Board Members

Open Parent Board Seat for Next School Year.  Three Year Term, starting August, 2020.

Candidacy shall be by self-nomination. The following requirements are for parent candidates:

1. Candidates shall not be employed by Imagine.

2. Candidates shall be at least 18 years of age.

3. Candidates shall reside in the St. Vrain attendance area

4. Candidates shall be a parent or guardian of a student attending Imagine Charter School at Firestone.

Elected directors must submit to a background check and, assuming a clean record, take the Board oath at the next scheduled Board meeting, the Annual Meeting on August 25th @ 5:45 PM.

If you have any questions please email Elisha McWilliams – Board Vice President @

See the Letter of Interest and Resume of each candidate.  Every FAMILY of an Imagine Firestone student has ONE vote. All votes will be confirmed based on our student records. If a vote comes in more than once for a student's family, only the first timestamped vote will be counted. Please vote. The Board of Directors represent you as the governance body for our school.  Link to vote is being sent via email by your teacher.  If you do not receive by 4:00pm on May 19th, please contact  your teacher.
Letter of Interest and Resumes of our 4 candidates:
(alphabetical order)
Mari Lehman 
     Cover Letter
Kristine Reynolds
     Cover Letter
MacKenzie Santana
     Cover Letter
Laura Thornton
     Cover Letter
Current Board Members
President Todd Riccio (appointed) November 2017 - July 2020
Vice President Elisha McWilliams (elected) August 2017 - July 2020
Treasurer Annie Condie (elected) August 2019 - July 2022
Matt Cetlinski (elected) August 2018 - July 2021
Member Hyla Schreurs (appointed) October 2019 - July 2021