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Imagine Charter School Standing Committees

The committees at Imagine Charter School at Firestone are based on Imagine Schools’ 6 Measures of Excellence, and also include the Accountability Committee. Task Forces (i.e. Fundraising, Marketing) fall under each of the 6 Measures Committees. Additional information about committee meeting dates and times, membership, and activities will be posted once it is available.

Shared Values
We seek to exemplify integrity (“wholeness” or serving the whole organization through our behavior and our character), justice (giving every individual what they need, knowing that that may be different for different children/adults in different circumstances), and fun (shared decision making.) Most decisions should be made through an advice seeking process, followed by decisions made by one individual. Few decisions should be made in a “top-down” fashion. Join our committee to learn more about the fundamental philosophy of Imagine Schools.

Character Education
As a classical school, we believe that developing wisdom without virtue would be an empty endeavor. We believe that character education is an important part of our school goals and hope to create a school that focuses on instruction in core virtues and a positive behavioral focus. Join this committee to help us in these endeavors.


Economic Sustainability/School Development/Parent Choice
We see these committees as inextricably linked. We are very aware of our corporate mission that we are helping parents educate their children. Our parent choice committee looks at ways to strengthen that partnership and market our campus. This in turn has impact on our financial record. We are very proud of this record and continue to ensure that we make conservative financial decisions in order to maintain a balanced budget. We truly need parents with marketing expertise and accounting/financial background to join our committee and it's task forces.
CHAIR: Lori Olson

Grant Writing
Social Events

Academic Growth
We wouldn't be a good school if we did not value the academic growth of our students. The Academic Growth committee analyzes our academic data and looks for school wide trends. Along with the Colorado State Assessments of PARCC and CMAS, we measure our progress by calculating the individual learning gains of all our students as measured by their scores on the STAR assessments given in both the fall and the spring. Parents are welcome.
CHAIR: Jessica Cervantes

This is an advisory committee to the Governing Board and will make recommendations to the Governing Board on topics such as budget, academic achievement, school safety information, and school improvement plans.