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Yearbook Photos
Have you taken any photos that could go in the yearbook?  Please submit those photos to the Yearbook Team!  (And we've made it even easier!)

Just go to and submit photos through the website or download the app to your device and submit them right from there! (It really is easy.)
You must make an account, using your name, email, and create a password.  You will also need the school Passcode.  To keep our photos private, the Passcode will be sent to you using the Sangha app or by email.  You are welcome to share it with trusted family who can also share photos.
We are excited to see your photos! (And please keep in mind that not all photos will be used in the yearbook, so send us the good ones.) Want to learn more about it?  Read the Replay It Guide to the right of this text.



You can purchase the 2018-19 Yearbook NOW!
Yearbooks will be available for purchase ONLINE ONLY for $30
up until March 22, 2019.
You can purchase yearbooks at 
(just search for our school)
or on the Replay It site (mentioned above.)



Exciting Yearbook Opportunities for 8th Graders!

  • 8th Graders Students have the opportunity to have their photos taken on their own and placed in the yearbook!  There is no charge to this, but photos must follow the requirements listed below.  This is completely optional as students already have their yearbook photos taken through the school.


Photos must be submitted to  by February 14, 2019.

Please contact Mrs. Lohmann with any questions.

8th-Grade photo requirements:

-The student must be centered in the photo facing the camera, both eyes visible, and standing/sitting still (no action photos)

-The pose must be a waist-up shot

-Clothing should be appropriate for school publications

-No photo effects / filters

-Background should not be distracting

-No props (animals, sunglasses, hats, instruments, additional people in the photo, etc.)

-No visible photographer watermarks

- No selfies or selfie-style poses

-Photos must have a resolution of 300 dpi or better




  • 8th Grade Parents have the opportunity to purchase a “Student Recognition Ad”  for their child to go in the yearbook!  This is a great way to celebrate your child’s journey and accomplishments up to this point, before moving on to high school.


Placing an ad is easy... all you have to do is decide the ad size, the photos, and what you want to say… then just place them in one of the templates that you can choose from on   Everything is done online, including the payment.


Student recognition ads cost:

⅛ page: $25 

¼ page: $35 

½ page: $50 

Full Page: $100

Ads may be placed up until February 14, 2019.


 Questions? Call School Annual at (800) 436-6030


*Our school reserves the right to edit ads per our guidelines. Please make sure all submitted materials are appropriate for school publication.

Yearbook Survey
If you have a minute, please fill out this short survey to help the Yearbook Team.  Thank you.