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100 Mile Club: K-8th


Check your progress

StrideTrack- Click for Log-in: 
Enter the students Runner ID to login from their badge they received on the first day. 
E-mail Mr.Phillips for runner ID if you lose their badge. 
Download the free "Stridetrack" app from iTunes or Google play App store.


Use the Team app to view running events that your child can participate in to gain extra miles toward their goal!
The schools in the district all participate in the 100 mile club. Schools sponsor runs for all kids to earn extra miles.

News and Notes

 Cool ways to mark YOUR t-shirt!

Running Club starts at 7:30! Please refrain from dropping your child off before that time. I don't track laps until 7:30!

Students should gain their miles during the regular week, the sponsored school fun runs or the approved community events. The idea is to give everyone a fair opportunity to gain miles. 

Winter Running
  • When the wind chill is above or at 32 degrees we will run outside. Make sure you are prepared for those conditions.
  • Wind chill below 32 degrees we will run indoors. Please come to the gym doors on the North side of the school instead of front doors.

100 Mile Registration

What is 100 Mile Club?
*A before school running club to increase physical fitness, brain activity, energy, and confidence. Students ultimate goal is to run/jog/walk 100 miles by the end of the school year.

*All K-8 students are welcome.
Parents are welcome to register and run with their child.

*Program days and times(For entirety of school year)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings -7:30 am to 8:00am.
Begins on September 3rd, 2019
Ends May 8th, 2020
We will meet 95 mornings. There are also opportunities to do free runs that other district schools host on the weekends.

*Meet on the North Basketball court behind the school.
When temperatures are cold or rainy we run inside. We let them in the northeast gym door.

*$25 per child/parent
Checks payable: Imagine Charter School @ Firestone
Credit also available at the front office.
Payment is due Thursday, August 30th

100 Mile Club Video

 YouTube Video
Running Tips
YouTube Video
YouTube Video 
YouTube Video 
Follow 100 mile club @ICSFPumaPE for events, cancellations or pictures!
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