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Volunteer Opportunities

Parent involvement in a child's education is paramount to success. When you volunteer at Imagine, you are modeling a behavior that says that giving to others is important, that I am a person who fulfills my commitments, and that my child's education is important to me - important enough for me to want to spend time contributing to it. Modeling this behavior through volunteering contributes to your child's character education - an important aspect of education here at Imagine.
  • We need your TIME - Spend time volunteering for class parties, as a weekly assistant in the classroom, for events, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • We need your TALENT - Does your profession line up with our curriculum? Perhaps you are a historian and could talk to our 2nd graders about Roman culture.
  • We need your TREASURE - Each Imagine family is required to donate a minimum of 20 volunteer hours throughout the school year. You can exchange hours for a cash donation of $10 per hour of volunteer time.

Any student contact in a volunteer capacity requires a background check. Present your ID at the front office and it's run through our background check system. All volunteer hours need to be reported to the front office either by email or in person to receive credit. Please don't forget to check in and out in the front office when you are volunteering.