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Volunteer Opportunities

Parent involvement in a child's education is paramount to success. When you volunteer at Imagine, you are modeling a behavior that says that giving to others is important, that I am a person who fulfills my commitments, and that my child's education is important to me - important enough for me to want to spend time contributing to it. Modeling this behavior through volunteering contributes to your child's character education - an important aspect of education here at Imagine.
  • We need your TIME - Spend time volunteering for class parties, as a weekly assistant in the classroom, for events, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • We need your TALENT - Does your profession line up with our curriculum? Perhaps you are a historian and could talk to our 2nd graders about Roman culture. Maybe you are a microbiologist and could assist with a science project in Mr. Carnahan's science class.
  • We need your TREASURE - Each Imagine family is required to donate a minimum of 20 volunteer hours throughout the school year. You can exchange hours for a cash donation of $10 per hour of volunteer time.

Any student contact in a volunteer capacity requires a background check. Present your ID at the front office and it's run through the Raptor
background check system. All volunteer hours need to be reported to the front office either by email or in person to receive credit. Please don't forget to check in and out in the front office when you are volunteering. Speak with Janelle in the front office for more information.

Below are opportunities currently available for volunteering at Imagine Charter School. Events are listed at the right side of the page and can be easier for families in which the parents work outside the home since they usually occur outside the school day. Click on the link to take you to the page where you can sign-up to volunteer.
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Staff Appreciation Committee - We have someone to lead the Staff Appreciation Committee but could really use more members.Some of the duties include coordinating staff dinners during conferences, the Golden Apple Award, and other ways to appreciate staff the committee creates. Contact Kia Murray if interested in leading up this committee.
  • Fundraising - We participate in a number of fundraisers including selling Butter Braids, Box Tops for Education, Milk Caps for Moola, and others, as well as our Annual Fundraising Gala. Click here to see all the different fundraising activities we do at Imagine. Contact Erika Cistone about volunteering for fundraising.
  • SCRIP cards - We are looking for someone to organize/order SCRIP cards.Once they are in stock, Lori in the business office will be the contact person for families to purchase the cards so you don’t have to worry about that piece.We just need someone to track and order all the cards.Please contact Lori Olson, in the office, for more information.

  • Classroom Helper - Teachers often need help with tasks such as preparing the Friday Folders on a weekly basis, assembling packets, grading homework/tests, etc. Some of the classroom helper tasks can be performed at home such as cutting, tearing out workbook pages, etc. Contact your student's teacher for more information.
  • Art Class Helper - There are many opportunities to volunteer in Ms. Zinck's art class! She is constantly in need of volunteers to hang up/take down/hang up/take down art work in the hallways. There are plenty of tasks that can be performed at home including preparing projects to be displayed at the Carbon Valley Regional Library Art Show, cutting out shapes, prepping work to be hung, laundering the paint smocks at the end of the school year. Hanging art projects at the Art Show can also be done outside of regular school hours. Contact Ms. Zinck for more information.
  • Library Helper - Ms. Jaderborg can always use help shelving books, repairing books, and preparing books to be checked out! Contact Mary Jaderborg for more information.
  • Character Discussion - Earn one hour of volunteer time for discussing your student's character homework with him/her. See the Student tab at the top of the page and click on Character for more details.
  • Hall Monitor - Help to control the activity in the hallways during major hall traffic times (Morning 7:50 - 8:10 AM, Lunch 11:35-1:05 PM, After School 3:20 - 3:40 PM).
  • Lunchroom Monitor - Contact Kia Murray for more information.
  • Grounds Maintenance - Love the outdoors? Use your volunteer hours to help keep Imagine looking great! Volunteers are needed to pull weeds in the beds, rake, shovel sidewalks/playgrounds in the winter, etc. Contact the front office for more information.
  • Field Trip Chaperones - There are multiple field trips planned throughout the school year that can always use chaperones. Talk to your student's teacher to find out which ones are coming up for their class.
  • Dance Chaperones - Student Council plans dances at different times throughout the school year. Chaperones are required for the dances. Get your boogey on and bust a move with the kids! Contact Karie Slade for more information.
  • Governing Board Member - This is contingent upon spots being open on the Board and may require more than 20 hours/year. Please see Governing Board Openings at the top of the page for information on openings.
  • Vendor Fair - Contact Lori Olson for more information.
  • Vision and Hearing Screenings - Contact Cindy Hohs for more information.

Spring Carnival
Help with set-up or tear down, or man a booth. Contact Kia Murray for information on volunteering.