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Booster Club

Hi!  We are proud to announce that we have a Booster Club/PTA.  This group of fabulous parents will be involved in a variety of fundraising, helping out around the school, and appreciating our amazing teachers and staff!  You can choose to be involved in as much or as little as you would like!  Please email if you would like any information or would like to join!  Here is a list of our current members.  If you are not on this list but I already roped you in, call or email me!  Thank you in advance for all your support! 


Booster Club/PTA


Erika Cistone, Cindy Hohs, Deena Kicera, Gretchen Darner, Kendra Muncy, Jennifer Marchbanks, Marlo Martinez, Katie Christensen, Allyson Ingram, Jennifer Burgener, Michelle Rossiter, Dawn Peterson, Marie Little, Kate Hanson, Kelly Claus, Khristina Stone, Sheena Clark, Elisha McWilliams, Jacqueline Milam, Kristine Field, Lucia Lannan, Kelly Jones, Ingrid Burns, Alisha Hudson, Alisa Cross, Christy Lapiana Black, Kelsey Riccio, Karly Hovendick, Kathryn Leslie, Corine Schanz, Marissa Brady, Todd Riccio, Jennifer Ross, Natalie Roman, Melissa Blumeyer, Aryn Scarbrough. 


Let's add your name to the list!