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Imagine Parents Association (IPA)

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Monthly Meetings: Next meeting is on January 22, 6:30-8:00p.m. in an Imagine Classroom TBD
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Mission: We encourage parents and the community to play an active role in molding and creating a better place of education for our children. Supporting the safe school environment which character is modeled and promoted. A school community which we build trusting relationships that champion the school's role in the community of Firestone, Colorado.  We will achieve this by providing our teachers with parent participation in the pillars of service. This group will facilitate the flow of information between our teachers, parents, students, and staff thereby creating a pleasant working environment for families to connect.

Vision: Provide teacher, staff, student, parent and community support and resources.  A school community where all talents or skills are collaborating for maximum experience for the school population and the surrounding community. Adults involved in Imagine Student's family circle will offer financial and in-kind contributions to serve Imagine Charter School. Parents can connect with the IPA's Pillars of Service, which are volunteering in-kind, hospitality, fundraising, community involvement, and the annual Gala Silent Auction Event. The Imagine Parent Association (IPA) is the marketing facilitator of the Pillars of Service.