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We are pleased to continue our partnership with Boulder Valley School District to provide our school lunch for the upcoming school year!

Boulder Valley has a nationally recognized lunch program, with several recent awards.  We are teaming with a group of people passionate about providing great school lunch, with many programs and initiatives working toward that mission. Our offerings will be expanding, and will include local produce/products wherever possible. Chef Ann, the Director of Food Services for BVSD, is passionate about school lunches, and has created the Chef Ann Foundation to help improve school lunches nationwide. We believe that all this expertise and passion will elevate our lunch program to the next level, and be something that the kids (and parents) really appreciate.

Feedback from the students (and adults) on the new lunches is that they are REALLY GOOD!  If you haven't tried the school lunches this year, give them a try - you will be pleasantly surprised.


Lunch Prices (please make checks payable to ICSF):

PLEASE NOTE: If your child pays for lunch in the lunch line, we cannot make change. Please send exact change, Any overage will be deposited to their account.
  • Student lunch prices:
    • $3.75 Elementary (K-5) - includes milk
    • $3.75 Middle School (6-8) - includes milk
    • $0.75 A la Carte Milk
  • Adult Lunch: $5.00 
  • Free / Reduced Lunches**:
    • Free: If your family qualifies for 'Free' lunches, there is no cost for the meal program.
    • Reduced: If your family qualifies for 'Reduced' lunches, K-8 meals are no cost thanks to a new CDE program!
    • Adults: Adult lunches do not qualify for Free or Reduced benefits and are charged at the full adult price of $5.00
    • NOTE - if a free/reduced lunch eligible student purchases a milk or a second lunch, the full cost for that item is charged because these items are not covered under the NSLP program.
Lunch payment options:

Imagine Charter School at Firestone has partnered with, a convenient and secure online service for monitoring your student’s lunch account and making credit or debit card deposits.


3 Easy Steps to Use

Open your web browser, type into the address bar and press enter.


Step 1: Register. Click on theRegister button. Enter your birthdate. After reading the Terms of Use, click the box to agree to the terms. Next, enter your information to create your profile. Click “Register” when finished.

*Passwords must be at least 8 characters and include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.


Step 2: Link Your Student. Click the “Add Student” button, then click “New”. Select Colorado and then type Imagine Charter School at Firestone and click to select. Enter your student’s MealTime ID number. Their MealTime student ID number will be their regular student ID with '133' at the front. For example, if their student ID is 123456, their MealTime ID will be 133123456. Then you enter the first name only. Click “Add”. Repeat Step 2 as needed for additional students.


Step 3: Make a Deposit. Click on “Home – Deposit Funds”. Click on the green “Add $” button and select the amount of the deposit. Click “Go to Checkout”, or if you wish to make a deposit for another student, click “Add to Cart”. Once you are finished entering payments, click “Go to Checkout” or click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen.


The Secure Checkout window will open. Verify that the payment amounts are correct, and click “Add a payment method” to enter your credit card information. Click “Save for future purchases” if you would like to save this card for future transactions. Click “Use/Save Payment Method”. Review the amount your credit card will be charged and click “Complete Transaction”.


The student’s balance will be updated after a synchronization process with the school’s cafeteria computer.


Congratulations! You can now login anytime, anywhere to securely and conveniently monitor your student’s lunch account and make payments.


**National School Lunch Program - Free and Reduced Lunch Information**

If you believe you may be/are eligible for Free or Reduced lunch, you must fill out a new application and return it to the school or to Charter Choice before the beginning of the school year. These applications must be completed EVERY year, they do not carry over. 
Families with students in other schools will have to complete multiple applications because the forms are specific to the School Food Authority for each school.  Remember to list ALL kids in the household on each form, even if they don't attend the school you are submitting the form to. It is very important to submit a completed application as soon as possible, we cannot 'write off' meals already served prior to determination of eligibility. Online forms have a faster processing time than hard copy forms.   
Eligibility letters MUST be from CHARTER CHOICE COLLABORATIVE to be effective for our lunch program.  District or County letters will not work to receive benefits.

Apply online: Online FRL Application
*NEW STUDENTS for the 19/20 school year will need to reapply once the 19/20 application is released in July 2019.
Allergens on Lunch Menu - 2017-2018 (not every item listed is included in Imagine's Lunch Menu)
Gluten-Free items on Lunch Menu - 2017-2018 (not every item listed is included in Imagine's Lunch Menu)
Menu Items including Pork - 2017-2018 (not every item listed is included in Imagine's Lunch Menu)
Salad Bar Carb Counts - 2017-2018 
Link to Boulder Valley School District Meals website (for additional information not included here)

Special Dietary Needs:


FAQ from Colorado Department of Education on Dietary Accommodation requirements.  Please note, ALL dietary modification requests need to be signed by a medical professional per USDA/CDE guidelines.

Dietary Disability Accommodation Form 

Dietary Meal Modification Form


Link to online menu:
Downloadable Monthly Menus coming soon!