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Reloadable King Soopers Card

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King Soopers Loyalty Card Fundraising

The King Soopers/City Market Fundraising program has changed.  As of April 1, 2019 rewards are no longer based on reloaded gift cards, now they are based on group usage of loyalty cards.  Please link your King Soopers/City Market loyalty card to Imagine Charter School at Firestone to support the school with your purchases.


The more you shop at King Soopers/City Market, the more money our organization will earn!  To link a loyalty card, simply log into your King Soopers/City Market account, select 'Save', then 'Community Rewards', and 'Enroll Now'.  Search for Imagine Charter School at Firestone in the 'Find an Organization' box (VE076), and select the school.  Each time you shop and use your loyalty card, Imagine Firestone earns a percentage of total contributions based on our group participation. 


From the program FAQs: 

The total payout is more than $2.5 million each quarter. Your organization receives the percentage of spend when compared to all others enrolled. As an example, if you earn 1% of the total you would receive around $25,000.
• The max payout is $125,000 to keep any one organization from taking too much of the pie

New enrollments are accepted at any time during the year.