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Welcome to Ms. Penna's 1/2 day kinder!
This will be my sixth year at Imagine Firestone and my eighth year teaching kindergarten. I have my BA from the University of Colorado and have begun my MA at the University of Northern Colorado. My passion in the classroom is forming a close community of individuals who think independently while maintaining respect for others and a constant curiosity to learn more. In my free time I love to hike, do yoga, read, and chase around my spunky four year old son and our new baby who was born in July!
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I hope your long weekend is off to a great start! This week in kindergarten we learned about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. To address slavery we we put it in the terms that people had to work for others and were not paid for their work and could also be sold to go work for other people. As a class we discussed how important it is that in America we are all free and the only people we ‘belong’ to are our families. It is definitely a tricky subject at this age but these kiddos are smart! In literacy we built words from letter tiles, reviewed sight words 1-10 from Fry’s list, wrote about Abe Lincoln, and worked on three H Brothers. The H brothers are th, sh, ch, ph, and wh. For each digraph there is a brother who represents it. Theo for th, Charles of ch, Sherman for SH, Phil for ph, and Whit for wh. As we practice these digraphs we are making a book with each ‘brother’ in it for reference. In math we asked ourselves what happens after one hundred, looked at addition, and saying numbers over one hundred.


Dinner table Questions:

-What number president was Abe Lincoln?

-Was he married? How many kids did he have? (Yes, to Mary Todd. 4 boys)

-What was his nickname? (Honest Abe)

-What did he keep in his hat? (Letters, speeches, anything important that he didn’t want to loose)
-Why didn’t the Northern states and Southern states get along? Which side did AL agree with? Which side won?

-What did winning the civil war mean? (the end of slavery)

-What are 3 words that start with sh? Th? Ch? What is th (or sh, or ch) is at the end of a word, does it still make the same sound? Can you help me find some H brother digraphs in my book/the magazine/the mail?

Next Week:


Core Knowledge:

Mount Rushmore:

-in SD

-4 presidents (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt)

-Why these four presidents?

-The amount of work and money that has gone in to building the monument

-Crazy Horse-a nearby monument made for the natives of the land


Liberty Bell

-the story of the Liberty Bell

-Where it is now (Philadelphia)

-What it represents



-begin on the second 10 of Fry’s words (students work is also differentiated in small groups. If your child is still on the 1st ten, they will be exposed to the second ten while still working on the ones previous. If your child is well past the first ten they will be working on harder sight words)

-building 3,4,5 letter words

-Reading 3, 4, 5 letter words

-Writing a three word sentence


-ph and wh



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