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October Home

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October Events
10/1-10/5 CV in Action FUNdraiser
10/1-10/26 Butter Braids Fundraiser 
10/3/18 8:25 AM- Core Virtues Assembly 
10/15/18- No School (teacher PD)
10/23 & 10/24- Early Release (1 PM) & Conferences (1:30-7:30)
10/25-10/28- Fall Break
Content Matters:
Math: Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction: Students will focus on how real life situations involving joining, separating, and comparing numbers can be represented mathematically, and how patterns in numbers can help us better understand and solve problems. Our guided math approach in first grade is a balance of procedural understanding, whole group and small groups instruction, and teacher-directed and student-centered learning.
Writing:  Expository Paragraph Writing & Journal Writing
Core Virtue: Perseverance 
Domain: Different Lands, Similar Stories: Students will listen to stories to increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, be exposed to different places and cultures from around the world, and learn valuable universal lessons.
CORE vocabulary: characters, embraced, splendor, warning, worthy, cautiously, preferred, revived, scoured, setting, concerned, demanded,monstrous, plot, avoid, clever, commotion, folktale, scampered, dwelling, extravagance, foreign, fragrant, scarcely, astonished, crammed, 
deeds, dodging, permission, cherished, disguise, grateful, sly, alarmed, cunning, latch, perplexed, strict, curious, darted, fright, intended
Reading & Writing Skills: sister sounds, vowel digraphs, nouns, vowel and consonant sounds, double letter spellings, punctuation marks
Spelling:  First grade will fully implement a word study program called Words Their Way this year. Words Their Way is an individualized program for student preschool through high school which targets your child’s stage of spelling and helps him/her grow to become a better speller, reader, and writer!  This program allows students to participate in engaging, hands-on activities to explore, examine, and make discoveries about word patterns and meanings. In our classroom, the students will be working with others who are within the same spelling stage.  Your child will sort the words and have discussions about what they notice about the spelling patterns.  Each student has a word work notebook they will use to do their word sorting activities each day.  After working with a sort over the course of a week, students will be assessed.  The assessment will consist of 8 words from their word sort.  Your student will need to pass this assessment with 75% accuracy on the targeted skill(s) to move on to the next sort.  Your child will come home with his/her word (or picture sort at this point in the year) on Monday in his/her STAR Homework folder.  This needs to be practiced and returned each school day. There will also be activities within the Homework BINGO in the STAR Homework Folders each week pertaining to WTW to help work on these important, individualized skills.  I will also post and email some tips and strategies for home study of these lists as well.  Thank you for reviewing the list and talking about the words and spelling pattern with your child. This will greatly support and maximize your child’s learning in the classroom!