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Hello 5th and 6th Grade Families

About me:
I am entering my 3rd year of teaching and am loving every second of it!  I am trying something new this year with just teaching science but will also have a 6th grade class.  Oh, and I get to teach more science with my Genetics class elective - never too much science (I know I'm a nerd!).  I am a scientist... I graduated from CSU with a degree in Biology and also have a Master's in Teaching and Learning.  I hope to bring lots of energy and excitement to class each day and your kids come home talking about class every once in awhile.  I have 4 kids so I know the standard answer to what they did in school is "nothing!"  When not at school I love to take part in all the Colorado things... Hiking, Skiing, Mountains or just hanging out with friends.  I am the biggest CSU fan and try to attend as many events as I can.  My kids keep me extremely busy with their activites also.
If your student would like to improve their grade on a test they have 1 week from when I hand them back to fill out the form that is linked below and complete what is asked of them:
My science class is a mix of lecture, class discusion and also trying to find relatable content to students today.  I want all students participating and owning their own education  One aspect to my class that I am trying to teach the students is an extremely important skill in education - note taking.  I try to model what good note taking may be and then ask that the students review their notes for about 5 minutes each night.  During this time I want them to apply what I am teaching them to their lives and not just memorize words they wrote down.
5th Science

We are working on learning about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.  Students should be able to explain how we create electricity from energy sources and the many types of renewable and nonrenewable sources.  They should also be able to explain some positive and negative things to do with each one.
****Test Friday December 14th
6th Grade Science
We areworking our way through some Earth science and will learn the many ways Earth is changed through things like earthquakes, volcano's and other natural catastrophies.  We will go a little deeper into how water is circulated throughout the planet and how that keeps our planet working also.
****Determining relative safety of cities project Due December 20th
Something there is not enough of in this world...  Throughout this year we have discussed in class many ways to be kind from random acts of kindness, having empathy, not saying hurtful things either in person or on social media and also how to deal with bullying.